Special Issue Sustainability: Sustainable Customer Relationship Management

Sustainable customer relationship management (SCRM) means considering economic, environmental, and social targets when establishing and maintaining long-term profitable customer relations. More specifically, sustainability-oriented CRM aims to attract and retain sustainability-conscious customers, as well as increase consumer awareness of corporate sustainability issues.

To carry out SCRM, a company has to remodel its CRM-activities, including, e.g., fair customer and employee treatment, as well as the integration of new sustainability orientated processes. However, to date, there has been very little research that provides an integrated perspective on the underlying mechanisms that shape sustainability-oriented CRM activities and that analyses how customers and sustainability interdigitate. Similarly, research dealing with the comprehensive concept of sustainability-oriented CRM is limited.

Hence, this Special Issue will analyze the holistic integration of economic, environmental, and social sustainability issues, and the core areas of CRM, i.e., marketing, sales, and services.

Potential topics include but are not limited to the following:

  • Systematic literature review on SCRM
  • Solutions for SCRM problems
  • Frameworks and methodologies for SCRM
  • Effects of SCRM systems on companies
  • SCRM strategies
  • SCRM innovation
  • SCRM marketing
  • SCRM sales
  • SCRM services
  • SCRM technology and software
  • Case studies
  • Future Advancements

More information: https://www.mdpi.com/journal/sustainability/special_issues/CustomerRelationship
Deadline: 31 December 2020.
Guest Editors:
Prof. Dr. Ricardo Chalmeta Rosaleñ (Universitat Jaume I)
Prof. Dr. Patricia Martínez García de Leaniz (University of Cantabria)


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