Special Issue Administrative Sciences: Retailing and Customer Satisfaction: From an International Perspective

In the era of omnichannel environments in retail, retailers can reach their customers by delivering targeted information, offering value that sets them apart, and this has the potential to establish intense customer engagement. Communication and information technologies may assist retailers to identify suitable consumers. In addition, technology facilitates shoppers to make better choices about which products or services to buy. However, not all consumer decisions depend on widespread information searches and exhaustive decision processes. Many decisions are impulsive, produced briefly while shopping online or offline, frequently stimulated by strategic visual presentations and merchandise assortments created by the retailer. In summary, all tools adopted by merchandisers and retailers should be focused on offering satisfaction to customers. This Special Issue will showcase scholarship that examines the impact of “Retailing and Customer Satisfaction: From an International Perspective”. It is crucial that the papers address a real-world marketing question. Examples of the topics covered by the Special Issue are as follows (non-exhaustive): 

  • How emergent technologies have changed consumer decision making, satisfaction, communication, engagement, and loyalty from an international perspective.
  • Retailer responses to third-party and customer-to-customer information platforms.
  • Evolution and development of private labels.
  • How fake news affects consumer shopping behaviors.
  • The mediational role of customer relationship management in the international environment.
  • Visual display and merchandise offer decisions.
  • Consumption and engagement.
  • Big data collection and usage applied to the topic of the Special Issue.
  • The role of cross-cultural issues in retailing as influenced by emergent technologies.
  • Virtual merchandising in e-commerce.
  • Showrooming and Webrooming.  

The studies might take consumer, firm, societal, or public-policy perspectives. Therefore, we encourage scholars to be creative and to use a variety of empirical and descriptive methods to construct new theories and frameworks that may act as foundational manuscripts on these topics. 

More information: https://www.mdpi.com/journal/admsci/special_issues/RCSFIP
Deadline: 30 July 2021.
Guest Editors:
Prof. Dr. F. Javier Rondán-Cataluña (University of Sevilla)
Dr. Eloy Gil-Cordero (University of Sevilla)

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