Listado de artículos presentados al Premio Mejor Artículo de Investigación en Marketing

Listado de artículos presentados al Premio Mejor Artículo de Investigación en Marketing que cumplen las bases del premio Aemark 2021:


  1. Belanche, D., Casaló, L. V., Flavián, C., & Schepers, J. (2020). Robots or frontline employees? Exploring customers’ attributions of responsibility and stability after service failure or success. Journal of Service Management, 31 (2), 267-289. DOI:  
  2. Belanche, D., Casaló, L. V., Flavián, C., & Schepers, J. (2020). Service robot implementation: a theoretical framework and research agenda. The Service Industries Journal, 40(3-4), 203-225. DOI: 
  3. Buil, I., Catalán, S & Martínez, E. (2020).: “Understanding applicants’ reactions to gamified recruitment”. Journal of Business Research, Vol. 110, pp. 41-50.  
  4. Cambra-Fierro, J., Melero-Polo, I., Patricio, L., & Sese, F. Javier (2020): “Channel Habits and the Development of Successful Customer-Firm Relationships in Services”, Journal of Service Research, Vol. 23 (4), pp. 456-475.  
  5. Casado-Díaz, A. Ricardo Sellers-Rubio, Carla Rodríguez-Sánchez & Franco Sancho-Esper (2020). Predictors of willingness to pay a price premium for hotels’ water-saving initiatives, Journal of Travel & Tourism Marketing, 37(7), 773-784, DOI: 
  6. Casaló, L. V., Flavián, C., & Ibáñez-Sánchez, S. (2020). Influencers on Instagram: Antecedents and consequences of opinion leadership. Journal of Business Research, 117, 510-519. DOI:   
  7. Castañeda-García, J.A.; Frías-Jamilena, D.M.; Del Barrio-García, S., Rodríguez-Molina, M.A. (2020). The Effect of Message Consistency and Destination-Positioning Brand Strategy Type on Consumer-Based Destination Brand Equity. Journal of Travel Research, 59(8), 1447-1463.  
  8. Del Barrio-García, S., Muñoz-Leiva, F., Golden, L. (2020). A Review of Comparative Advertising Research 1975-2018: Thematic and Citation Analyses. Journal of Business Research, 121(December), 73-84. 
  9. Escario, J. J., Rodríguez-Sánchez, C., & Casaló, L. V. (2020). The influence of environmental attitudes and perceived effectiveness on recycling, reducing, and reusing packaging materials in Spain. Waste Management, 113, 251-260.  
  10. Gao, L., Melero-Polo, I., & Sese, F. J. (2020). Customer Equity Drivers, Customer Experience Quality, and Customer Profitability in Banking Services:  The Moderating Role of Social Influence. Journal of Service Research, Vol. 23(2), 174-193.  
  11. Hernández, B.; San Martín, H.; Herrero, A.; Franco, J.L. (2020): “What, How and When? Exploring the Influence of Firm-Generated Content on Popularity in a Tourism Context”. Journal of Destination Marketing and Management, 100504, 
  12. Herrero, A.; Hernández, B.; San Martín, H. (2020): “Potential funders’ motivations in reward-based crowdfunding. The influence of project attachment and business viability”. Computers in Human Behavior, Vol. 106, 106240, DOI:   
  13. Martínez, P.; Herrero, A.; Garcia de los Salmones, M.M. (2020): “Determinants of EWOM on hospitality CSR issues. In Facebook we trust?”. Journal of Sustainable Tourism, Vol. 28, num. 10, pp. 1479-1497,  
  14. Rodríguez-López, M.E., Del Barrio-García, S., Alcántara-Pilar, J.M. (2020). Formation of customer-based brand equity via authenticity: the mediating role of satisfaction and the moderating role of restaurant type. International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, 32(2), 815-834.  
  15. Rodríguez–Sánchez, C., Sancho-Esper, F., Casado-Díaz, A. B., & Sellers-Rubio, R. (2020). Understanding in-room water conservation behavior: The role of personal normative motives and hedonic motives in a mass tourism destination. Journal of Destination Marketing & Management, 18, 100496. 
  16. Sicilia, M., Palazón, M., & López, M. (2020). Intentional vs. unintentional influences of social media friends. Electronic Commerce Research and Applications, 42, 100979.  



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