Volume 21

2017. Volume 21, n 2

  • Consumer's perceptions of website's utilitarian and hedonic attributes and online purchase intentions: A cognitive–affective attitude approach, M.A. Moon, M.J. Khalid, H.M. Awan, S. Attiq, H. Rasool, M. Kiran, pdf
  • This anthropomorphised brand is so loveable: The role of self-brand integration, E. Delgado-Ballester, M. Palazón, J. Pelaez-Muñoz pdf
  • Blog influence and political activism: An emerging and integrative model, Sánchez-Villar, E. Bigné, J. Aldás-Manzano, pdf
  • Implementation of Web 2.0 in the snow tourism industry: Analysis of the online presence and e-commerce of ski resorts, E. Cristobal-Fransi, N. Daries-Ramon, E. Mariné-Roig, E. Martin-Fuentes, pdf
  • Determinants of customer retention in virtual environments. The role of perceived risk in a tourism services context, R. Curras-Perez, C. Ruiz, I. Sanchez-Garcia, S. Sanz, pdf
  • Introducing Personal Social Responsibility as a key element to upgrade CSR, S. López Davis, L. Marín Rives, S. Ruiz de Maya, pdf

2017. Volume 21, n 1

  • Trademark dilution and its practical effect on purchase decision, W. Macías, J. Cerviño, pdf
  • Consumer-to-consumer exchanges: A goal theory approach in the timebanking context C. Valor, E. Papaoikonomou, C. Martínez-de-Ibarreta pdf
  • Determinants of intention to use the mobile banking apps: An extension of the classic TAM model, F. Muñoz-Leiva, S. Climent-Climent, F. Liébana-Cabanillas pdf
  • The influence of symbolic consumption on experience value and the use of virtual social networks, G. Luna-Cortés pdf
  • Parental influence on the levels of regional ethnocentrism of youth: An exploratory analysis, P. Fernández-Ferrín, B. Bande, M.M. Galán-Ladero pdf
  • Influence of radio spokesperson gender and vocal pitch on advertising effectiveness: The role of listener gender, J.D. Martín-Santana, E. Reinares-Lara, P. Reinares-Lara, pdf

2017. Volume 21, Special Issue

  • Editorial. Marketing and corporate social responsibility and agenda for future research, L. Marín, A. Lindgreen pdf
  • Marketing and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Moving between broadening the concept of marketing and social factors as a marketing strategy, J.C. Sanclemente-Téllez pdf
  • The impact of congruence between the CSR activity and the company's core business on consumer response to CSR, J.V. García-Jiménez, S. Ruiz-de-Maya, I. López-López pdf
  • Corporate social responsibility, customer satisfaction, corporate reputation, and firms’ market value: Evidence from the automobile industry, J. García-Madariaga, F. Rodríguez-Rivera pdf
  • The influence of the types of media on the formation of perceived CSR, P. Mercadé-Melé, S. Molinillo, A. Fernández-Morales pdf
  • Consumer attitudes in the election of functional foods, I. Küster-Boluda, I. Vidal-Capilla pdf

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